Cemex commissioned Stephenson Halliday to provide landscape services for the proposed extension to Divet Hill Quarry, Northumberland, UK.

Our landscape architects worked closely with the client to prepare detailed existing and proposed phasing plans for the scheme, including the volumetric analysis of yield and overburden material using LSS terrain modelling software. We also worked with the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB to develop an achievable and detailed progressive restoration scheme for the site that was sensitive to the surrounding landscape. The proposals included a mosaic of habitats with new areas of unique whin grassland habitat and a net gain in biodiversity across the site. We produced a landscape and visual impact assessment and submitted it as part of the 2019 environmental impact assessment application. Following the successful approval of the application, the scheme was announced as winner of the Planned Restoration category at the MPA Restoration and Biodiversity Awards 2019.