The 400 kV grid connection to the Moorside Nuclear Power Station included an overhead line, underground cables, a subsea tunnel, new substations and associated temporary construction infrastructure (compounds, access tracks, temporary and permanent lower voltage diversions) in and close to multiple national and (sites designated for special protection at a UK or European level, e.g. Natura 200 or SSSI, SPAs and RAMSAR sites).

Stephenson Halliday led the landscape and visual effect assessments for the proposals in some of the most sensitive sections of route alignment in the Lake District National Park and immediate surrounds. Our scope of services included baselines studies; routeing; siting and alternative option studies; writing the landscape and visual effects chapters for the scoping, preliminary environmental information report and environmental statement; and stakeholder and consultee liaison. One of our technical directors had a key role in the design refinement of the project: positioned at the centre of the interface between engineering design and environmental topic teams as the design was developed in response to consultation feedback and cost review.