RSK Landscape (now part of Stephenson Halliday) prepared an options appraisal to inform the future management priorities of the land near the River Dean, Styal, UK.

The site is about 47 ha and is a valuable semi-natural piece of farmed countryside along the River Dean, forming important green infrastructure along the urban edge of Wilmslow, Lacey Green and Handforth. The site includes stands of woodland along the river valley and boundary banks, a river floodplain and its tributaries, accessible green corridors, including public rights of way and permissive footpaths, all with ecological assets. We assembled a team of landscape architects, ecologists and agricultural specialists to undertake a green space audit and community and stakeholder consultations and to investigate constraints and opportunities, an options appraisal and matrix, indicative costs, lifetime costs, income opportunities, risks and issues that may impact on deliverability. Final options included concept plans, annotated maps and accompanying written commentary highlighting the preferred option for Cheshire East Council to take forward to secure funding.