Showcasing our strong track record in energy projects: capturing, generating, storing, transmitting and distributing

Energy is a diverse sector, covering everything from solar to emerging technologies such as green and blue hydrogen. Our success and experience span multiple energy industries, including on- and offshore wind, solar, energy from waste, battery storage, tidal and hydro, electricity and gas distribution and transmission and conventional energy.

By building, leading and coordinating specialist teams of consultants, we have secured consent for projects across the UK. Whether you are pursuing a new development, looking to expand an existing site or looking to reduce existing costs to your organisation, we provide a comprehensive, tailored range of planning and landscape services.

Joanna Berlyn, Associate Director – Planning, Stephenson Halliday

“We’re experts in helping clients achieve consent for contentious development schemes. Energy projects are often the first to come under the microscope; we know what is needed to meet the necessary stakeholder requirements for planning applications while ensuring value and approved planning consents are secured for clients.

“The UK’s pursuit of net-zero emissions by 2050 is driving a greater interest in the diversification of holdings and investments in renewable technologies such as solar power. With this investment comes an increased need to navigate ever-shifting planning environments: a task we’re well suited to help clients tackle.”

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