Putting the client and the planet at the forefront of our services

Our experienced multidisciplinary teams can support you through the environmental appraisal or environmental impact assessment (EIA) process, adding value to project outcomes and minimising costs through proportionate solutions.

To make the process efficient, our integrated team of experts works with you to scope the proposal to identify the appropriate level of environmental information required to move a project forward. We believe that bespoke teams are best placed to deliver project-specific solutions that are proportionate to the development challenges encountered by our clients; every decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

What we do

Screening, scoping and appraisals
We listen to your aims and what you hope to achieve. By using our extensive knowledge of policy requirements, we carefully review your proposals to establish the appropriate environmental strategy to achieve the required planning approvals.

We support clients by screening against EIA and the Habitats Regulations as appropriate and conducting a scoping exercise. We help you understand what studies will and will not be required to help get your project across the line. Once we have crossed that hurdle, we will work with you and your technical experts to deliver robust and concise submission documentation.

EIA and constraint-led project design
When a project requires an EIA, we can coordinate project design activity to ensure relevant specialists focus on key issues. We help minimise consent risks by undertaking an iterative design process to respond to potential constraints, improving cost and time efficiency. Working with you and our partners, we ensure there is clarity at the outset of a project about the potential environmental risks and their policy importance. By building an understanding of risk, we can help shape the final design and mitigation measures to overcome challenges identified throughout the development process.

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